LMWD Provides Cutting-Edge Tech with

Lower Taxes; New Projects Call For Bond


The Laguna Madre Water District has been successful in providing more with less. You may not have noticed, but in the past several years, the LMWD Board of Directors has voted to lower the District’s tax rates since 2016; from 0.04502 (2016) to 0.04386 (2017) to 0.040101 (2018) to its current rate of 0.038821 (2019).  Although the District has marginally raised water use rates, it still remains one of the lowest in the Valley. However, all these savings to the community have not prevented the District from reinvesting in new technology for its customers.


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Brownsville Area Reservoirs: 

Monitored Water Supply Reservoirs 

are 54.9% full on 2020-01-28


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