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 Project Status Update Page

Last Updated: 7/24/2023

Lift Station Rehabilitation Project No. 1

Contractor has installed floor and walls of concrete wetwell at Lift Station #4, located at 33120 Washington Ave in Laguna Heights. Work pending completion at LS#4 site includes: abandoning existing wet well, top slab for new 14-ft diameter cast-in-place wet well, install two submersible pumps, piping & valves, diesel pump, and electrical work.

Lift Station #35, located at 350 Port Road, is pending a disconnect to complete electrical work. Start-up for new lift station can then proceed and abandon existing lift station located next to new structure.

Lift Station #17, located in the alley between Monroe St. and Madison St. in Port Isabel, is pending a disconnect to complete electrical work. Above ground piping shall be ductile iron pipe, and corrective action is pending completion by Contractor. Start-up for new lift station can then proceed and abandon existing lift station pumps located next to new structure.

Contractor’s deadline for substantial completion was May 3, 2023, and Mor-Wil, LLC (Contractor) is at-risk of being assessed liquidated damages.















Water Treatment Plant #1 Improvements (Port Isabel)

Pall Water assets, including the Agreement with Laguna Madre Water District for purchase of membrane system, will be assigned and transferred by Pall Corporation to Trojan Technologies Corporation or an affiliate thereof (the “Assignment”). The anticipated Assignment date is scheduled to occur on or about August 21, 2023. The District granted Consent to Assignment and anticipates no impact to project schedule. Review and approval of Submittals is near completion, as Pall Water is preparing a change order for sea water application for consideration and approval by Laguna Madre Water District Board of Directors. LMWD awarded General Construction Contract to Ferguson Service Systems, Inc. Contractor’s Notice to Proceed is June 19, 2023. Contract Time is 540 calendar days, with a Substantial Completion of December 10, 2024, and Final Completion of January 9, 2025. Scope of Work includes expanding the existing conventional water treatment system to a 5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) microfiltration plant including, but not limited to, the following:
•    New raw water intake structure and pumps,
•    Install a new microfiltration (MF) treatment system housed in a new facility,
•    Equalization basin for the MF system,
•    New high service pump station,
•    Chemical storage, containment, pumps, and piping systems,
•    Yard piping and associated valves, structures, and appurtenances,
•    Associated electrical, instrumentation, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) improvements,
•    Associated mechanical, structural, architectural, and plumbing improvements, and
•    1.5 million gallon (MG) pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank (GST).

Proposed Elevated Storage Tank #6 (600,000 gallons) & Remaining Water System Improvements
Laguna Madre Water District has a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Financial Application (#62963) pending approval by Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). The plan is to place the item on the Agenda for TWDB Board Meeting to be held in Harlingen on September 14, 2023. Project request includes construction funding for a backup generator at Water Treatment Plant #1; 600,000 gallon Elevated Storage Tank #6 to replace existing 300,000 gallon Tank #1 in Port Isabel; Raw Water Transfer Pump Station Upgrade to increase capacity of Rio Grande surface water diversions from Laguna Vista (Reservoir #3) to Port Isabel (Reservoir #1); and Water Treatment Plant #2 High Service Pump Station Upgrades in Laguna Vista.


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